RJS 76/50 or 76/100 FL #34 Master model

Dsc 4116

RJS FL #34-50 w/Master Volume and Zero Loss FX Loop. $2,499.00 MAP.  RJS #34-100 Watt version $2699.00 Also available RJS 76/50 Master Model MAP $2299.00.  

The RJS  76/50, and 76/100 is one of the more uniquely voiced amplifiers in our JMP series.  These amps are based on the 2203 and 2204 series introduced by a well known UK amp maker in 1976. Pre phase inverter master 2 input. Also available is the Frank Levi #34 Mod made Famous by Slash and coutless others. 

Although most closely linked to the Man in the Top Hat in particular, the tones the RJS FL #34 provides lend it to all sorts of hard rock tones where both great rhythm crunch and stinging leads are required.  

The Master Volume is a Pre Phase Inverter Type.   The RJS FL #34 is based on the Famed 2204/2203 Style amp with Modifications designed By Frank Levi.  Franks Approval of course. :)

Head box can be ordered any color tolex free of charge. Head box styles: standard plexi type, mid 70's 2203 type, two-tone type as shown, or if you have something custom in mind. 

  • 50-Watt all tube head    
  • Single channel  
  • Handwired in the USA    
  • 2 x EL34 JJ power tubes or JJ 6CA7's
  • or 2 x 6550 power tubes. 
  • 3 x 12AX7  matched preamp tubes    
  • Pre Amp Volume.
  • Pre Phase Master. Updated Version.
  • EQ consisting of bass, middle, treble and presence   
  • Goes to 11.   
  • 4, 8 and 16 ohm impedance Selector Switch   
  • Voltage Selector (UK Models) 
  • Custom Heyboer transformers or Classic Tone  
  • Weight 33 pounds  
  • Limited lifetime warranty    
  • Merren Audio Transformers extra cost $150.00.    
  • NOS Mustard Caps $200.00