Turn it Up!.
"Here is where the tone you are looking for lives!" ~Tracii Guns~

Hand-Wired custom made Plexi inspired tube amplifiers Made in Longmont Colorado, USA. All our amps are made with the best components possible.
Note* All amplifiers come stock with Merren Audio Transformers .  Pre Phase Master in 76 types.,  Zero Loss effects loops available only with Pre Phase Inverter Master Volumes.. SoZo Next Generation caps, ARS Filter Caps, Paxolin UK board material, Xicon Carbon Film Resistors, CTS Pots, Brass mounting fasteners, UK Cliff Jacks, Belton Micalex Sockets, Tolex and grill cloth color choices also available at no extra charge. I use Celestion G12M 25 watt speakers, G12M-65 Creambacks, and 75 watt Creambacks. Now offering Eminence Speakers. Red Coat series. 

We also offer modded builds as well. #34 Frank Levi mod as used by Slash and George Lynch,  and a 78/EVH "78" mod as documented by various amp Techs after working on Ed's "Magic" Marshall which was used on all those early Van Halen Records. 

Just Imagine a Great Vintage Marshall that has been "fine tuned"

What you get when you purchase an amp from RJS:

Each amp is hand built by myself with full attention to every detail during construction, not some out sourced company building a handful of manufactures amps for them. I use the best Iron in the business made in Long Beach CA by Chris Merren of Merren audio. Merren Transformers are bullet proof and sound amazing. I use heavy duty transformer brackets that are proven road worthy. So no bent transformer end bells or broken transformer bolts. ARS electrolytic capacitors made in the USA. Heavy duty steel chassis with welded corners.  
I offer a transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty on each amp that covers parts and labor. Certain components do have a limited lifespan such as electrolytic capacitors which I cover for 15 years from build date. Tubes are covered for 90 days from original purchase only. All other components are fully guaranteed for unlimited time under normal use. I cannot cover abuse, misuse, (in regards to the use of attenuater's, or variac's),  neglect, accidents or user error. 

Hand Built All tube amplifiers Made in the USA.

RJS 4x12 in Ivory Loaded with 65 watt Creambacks. $1699.00

Luis Carlos Maldonado on Tour with FOREIGNER.


RJS TG100 Tracii Guns Signature Amp $3399.00

RJS 76/100 FL34 in Ivory White. $3399.00

RJS 76/100 100 watt small box, $3399.00

All New RJS 76/50 Mini Head. MAP $2999

RJS 76/50 2x12 Combo. $3699.00 Sales@rjsamplification.com